Service (EMS)


Company Telebalt Ltd - Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) Russia

Telebalt factory offers contract manufacturing services of electronics any level of complexity (from ordinary household appliances to high-precision measurement electronic equipment) with any functional purpose (from consumer electronics to industrial equipment) in any volume required by customer (from mass production on the conveyor to hand assembly of complex devices).

Telebalt factory is located in the city of Kaliningrad in the territory of Special Economic Zone (SEZ) functioning throughout Kaliningrad Oblast. Telebalt is one of the leading factories of Russian market of Contract Manufacturing Service (CMS) of Consumer Electronics and the biggest manufacturer of TV sets from among enterprises occupied in Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) of this particular segment of Consumer Electronics market.

Telebalt factory holds the status of the Resident of the Special Economic Zone (SEZ), which allows to have a right for import of the materials and components used for the manufacturing in SEZ under Free Customs mode (without charging any custom duties) and as a result is able to offer to the customers attractive competitive conditions of the Contract Manufacturing Services of the Electronics and Consumer Goods, optimizing costs via custom duty exemption, provided the requirements of the particular grade of local production content are met.